Beyond Coconuts
Our Commitment to Quality and Community

140 million

Organic coconuts served directly to you every year


Local farmers empowered by our community initiatives

Since 2015, we’ve built a sterling reputation for premium coconut-based organic food served directly to a global market. Our products are held to the highest standards and certifications, including accreditation from USDA Organic, and EU Organic.

Our commitment doesn’t stop at coconuts, but extends to every part of the community. We’re actively involved in supporting and empowering our local farmers, as well as fostering programs to promote health and nutritional access in our communities.

We at Ceylon Traditional Foods believe in products with real, honest ingredients - ingredients that don’t just taste great, but also make the world a better place.

Driven by change


Our mission is to address the global food sector through sustainable practices, community empowerment, and quality coconut-based products made just for you.


Our commitment to ethical sourcing, sustainable practices, and unparalleled quality setsus apart in the realm of traditional foods. Every step our products take is in our carefulhands, from the plantations we own to our processing facilities tailored to your needs.

Empowering Sri Lankan Farmers with Sustainable Intercropping

We’re proud to support local farmers and promote sustainable intercropping trials with our latest business partnership launch right here in Sri Lanka. Together, we can bringstronger agricultural practices and positive change for local industries across Sri Lanka.

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Quality From Plantation to Plate

Trusted by Global Retailers

We’re proud to be the trusted partners of the biggest retail giants across the globe. Discover why global brands such as Aldi, Tesco, Lidl, and Rewe are turning to Ceylon Traditional Foods for reliable food products with quality you can taste.

Involved at Every Step

Our production process is fine-tuned for quality and freshness at every step, from farming and collecting to packaging and exporting. We handle everything at Ceylon Traditional Foods, so that you know your food is in good hands from start to finish.

Homegrown Suppliers

We run our own plantations in tight collaboration with local farmers, so that you can enjoy organic food products all year long without any middle-men.

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