Empowering Local Communities

We go beyond just coconuts at Ceylon Traditional Foods, empowering local communities with innovative programs and sustainable practices to make life better for everyone.

Our social responsibility projects tackle key issues in the coconut community with every product we sell, providing quality food and supplements to local schools while also ensuring local workers are paid fairly by increasing wages.

Housing isn’t a problem with us either, as our standardized living initiatives are providing shelter to many local farmers already.

We’re committed to ensuring that all community members working with our plantations have housing options within 2-5 years, and are working on brand new water purification systems to ensure access to clean water for all.

Fair Wages

Raising worker salaries, giving them the ability to earn livable wages.

Food Access

Providing quality food and supplements to local schools.

Clean Water

Implementing local water purification systems.

Empowering Sri Lankan Farmers with Sustainable Intercropping

We’re proud to support local farmers and promote sustainable intercropping trials withour latest business partnership launch right here in Sri Lanka. Together, we can bringstronger agricultural practices and positive change for local industries across Sri Lanka.

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